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The Bride

Arranging the transport to the wedding often slips the mind of brides (and everybody else). It is an important part to the day, allowing you to impress both entering and exiting the venue. For something that can be so easily forgotten, the right transportation has the power to make a wedding unforgettable.

Some tips that may help you

1) Book early. It would be advisable to secure a wedding date and venues before thinking about transportation, but it should still be something that isn’t left until the last minute. The last thing a bride needs is to decide upon her favourite form of transportation and it isn’t available. Think about the time of year.
2) Shop around. Unless it’s a unique transportation idea, then shop around for the best prices on your favoured method of travelling. All year round there are deals to be had, and now websites are being set up to find you the best deals!
3) Guard against unexpected delays. Think about how many bridesmaids you have and how this might affect your timescales.  Sometimes it is the bridesmaids trying to get ready that hold up proceedings
4) Hiring a second car for the bridesmaids means that the bride and bridal party can arrive at the marriage venue at the same time.
5) Enter & exit with style. It may seem obvious, but plan your exit from to the house to your transportation.
6) Make sure the area is clear of obstructions, placing carpet on the floor for extra grip in the rain (always plan for it).

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