The Groom

1. The Suit
This may seem like a no-brainer, but does it really seem all that far-fetched that you might forget your suit in the back of someone’s car. Put your suit and accessories (shoes, socks, tie) together and set them right by the door so you don’t leave without them.

2. Mints
You know how when you give a presentation your mouth gets dry and all of a sudden your breath isn’t the freshest? You don’t want that happening at the altar. Stick some mints in your jacket pocket, just in case.

3. Rings
The rings are your best man’s responsibility, but let’s be real: If they get lost, it falls on you. If your best man is still hungover from the night before, you may not even want him hanging onto the rings.

6. Gift for the Bride
Remind her why she picked you. Send a little something to tell her that you love her and you’re honored to be marrying her. Keep it simple if you wish, like a note – something that will help her feel less overwhelmed and give her a break amidst the chaos.

7. Gifts for Your Bestman
Do not forget your bestman/men who are there for you through all of this wedding. Get him/them something to show your appreciation. Pick out gifts or pick a one-size-fits-all trinket, but make sure it’s something they will use and enjoy.

8. Not Your Phone
You don’t want to miss a moment of your wedding or reception reading Facebook rants. Prior to the ceremony, immediately hand your phone off to your dad or bestman/men. Ask him/tem to take photos of the high points so you can have some good memorabilia before the professional photos arrive. And then, cut loose and enjoy every second of your wedding.

9. Why not treat yourself to a Car and arive in style with your best man?

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